West Coast Swing & Hustle - Have Fun, Start Dancing Day One!

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video type Johnny B Good

West Coast Swing routine performed by Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Full screen

video type Giselle - Barishnikov

Some of the best Brises ever.
Full screen

video type Hustle - John Mercier & Lisa Nunziella

Full screen

video type Julio Bocca & Alexandra Ferri - Romeo & Juliet (Balcony Scene)

If I could dance like this for 1 day, I'd retire happily.
Full screen

video type Julio Bocca in Swan Lake (Act 3 - Pas de deux)

Full screen

video type Julio Bocca in Don Quixote at American Ballet Theater

Full screen

video type The amaizing pirouettes Adeline Pastor

Full screen

video type 15 Pirouettes

It just feels this good to do 15 turns on one leg.
Full screen

video type 36 Pirouettes - World Record

Note - See how the arms are off the body.

This girl is in tap shoes on a hard wood floor to minimize resistance. Even though that makes it "easier", it's still unbelievable.
Full screen

video type Baryshnikov performs Albrechts' variation from act II of Giselle in 1977.

Full screen
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